A Technology Innovator: Donald Kerry Frey

October 22, 2017
It is likely Donald Kerry Frey’s strong background as a tech entrepreneur, as well as his background as an aficionado of information consumption that has motivated him to create two excellent websites that attempt to use a different approach to information dissemination than most others. He hopes that his experience will make him successful with both projects, Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( He has always demonstrated a passion for information and for trying to understand just how the can be used to make people smarter and more informed and thus live a happier, more fulfilling life, while also creating a better world.

Donald Kerry Frey has always been fascinated with the process of information consumption and how that information can be used to make the world around him better. For example, Donald established Frey Robotics with the idea that it is possible to inform people about technology in a way that will make them more likely to accept the developments our world is making for the future. He created Nova Tribune with the idea that people aren’t served well unless they understand all sides of every issue and argument.

Donald Kerry Frey on Information Production and Consumption

April 30, 2017
Donald Kerry Frey is not just any tech entrepreneur. He serves as the founder and owner of two very important information websites, Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( With these two sites, he hopes to change the way information is presented and consumed.

The idea that lies behind his establishment of Frey Robotics is that it is possible to inform people about the current state of technology in a way that could possibly spark an innovation that may actually make technology better. Of course, it also helps to make people less afraid of the future and the more information they have, the less fearful they will be. Increased automation and robotics make tasks much simpler in the long run, which means they are the future, and people need to understand that.

Something similar motivated Donald Kerry Frey to establish the news site Nova Tribune because there was a glaring need in the information business. His wants to present the news in a way that approaches every issue with an even hand. It seems as if every other news source leans to either one direction or the other, and Nova Tribune seeks to provide an alternative that informs news consumers through articles that reflect a great many fields and interests and includes every argument.

One thing to know about Donald Kerry Frey is that he always has been passionate about information. He’s not interested in simply consuming as much information as possible, but to make sure those who consume information become smarter and more knowledgeable in the process. Donald hopes to continue to keep people informed for a long time to come.